"Blue Goddess Reclining"

"Blue Goddess Reclining" sits at the base of a tree waiting for you at the cross road. She neither welcomes nor banishes. Wrapped in her robe she is complete and self contained. With one hand to the sky and one hand in the earth she encompasses the realm of all living things.

As a sculpture she sits in two sections, the head and upper torso and the legs. I was interested in creating the illusion of a larger figure by creating it in sections.



"Invoking the Spirit of the Grape"

The Blue Goddess was not always a goddess. She was originally a male figure created out of paper mache with two white hands folded across his chest. I used him as a teaching example because I could fit him into the back of my car. The white hands and their symmetry always disturbed me. They just looked too mime-like and boring so one day I tested the hardness of surface bonding cement by chiseling them off.

When the time came to complete the piece I further tested the process by applying foam on top of the cement to create the sleeve of the left arm that drops behind the figure. I covered the modified arm with another layer of surface bonding cement. I had already completed the hips and legs of the figure but there was still something wrong. Then one day I held up one of the tiles of a face I had molded from a wooden Indonesian sculpture and there is was. It was her face. I chiseled off the white face and set the tile into the empty space.