"Druid Dancing in the Forest of the Shrooms"

Druid dancing in the forest of the shrooms.

"Druid Dancing in the Forest of the Shrooms" is currently on exhibit at the EcoArts of Lake County Sculpture Walk 2008.

In the fall of 2007 I began playing with the idea of "little-big" I was influenced by years of listening to the words of the Jefferson Airplane,"some pills make you larger and some pills make you small..." I decided to design a walk- through sculpture based on a forest of mushrooms. As you progress down the path the mushrooms become larger and larger until they are towering over you.

In the arrangement of "Druid Dancing in the Forest of the Shrooms" everything is big, while the observer has become smaller and is forced to look upward to perceive the power and forces of nature.

After the show the piece will be transported to the future site of the PsiKeep Center for the Arts where it will be dispursed into several other sculptures on the grounds.


Druid with medium mushroom. Druid with large mushroom.
Druid with Medium Mushroom
Druid with Large Mushroom
Pipe armature for Druid
Detail of armature
View of the armature for the Druid. It was created out of 1/2 inch galvanized pipe.
A closer view of the attachment of the galvanized pipe to the plywood base using a pipe flange. The plywood was water proofed and aluminum gutter guard was stapled to the wood to give the styrofoam better adhesion to the plywood. Time will only tell if this experiment was successful.
Sculpture being delivered to the EcoArts SculptureWalk site.
Sculpture being delivered
to the Eco Arts Sculpture Walk site.