"Launchpad 5"

"Launchpad 5" was created as an interactive sculpture. Viewers are invited to climb on to the central stone in order to sit and mediate on the power of "five" . The number five symbolizes the plant world. Most flowers in their simpliest state have five petals. The five pointed star--- the pentagram is not a symbol for a star but for a flower. The Greeks called the world Gea and the number five symbolized the world.

"Launchpad 5" was first exhibited at the EcoArts of Lake County Sculpture Walk 2005. After the show concluded the piece was moved to a permant installation at the PsiKeep Center for the Arts.

Below are photographs of Psi Keep showing the sculpture being moved to its new site.

Images of "Launchpad 5" at the new site at the Psi Keep Center for the Arts will be coming soon.




Lashing one of the pillars to two
dollies tied together.
Beginning the journey down hill to the site


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