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"Last Scythian" is a helmet created in 2009 from two-part epoxy resin over a steel armature. The helmet is decorated with hand sewn, appliquéd, felt and set with crystals and amethyst.

The work was designed over a saddletree as part of a competition to redesign the saddletree form into something other than a saddle. "Last Scythian" is part of a traveling art show currently touring Northern California.

This work is a tribute to the Scythiansin the form of a helmet that has been set on a branch and abandoned.


Last Scythian left view

The Scythians were nomadic horsemen who occupied the area north of the Black Sea from about 800BC to 100AD. The trade routes between Greece and China crossed their territory and they became very rich extracting toll for crossing their lands. Since a majority of the Scythian tribes chose not to live in cities but rather on the steppes with their herds they wore their wealth in the form of gold adornments. The Scythians favored Hellenic art and often hired Greek craftsmen to create their jewelry.  

Last Scythian right view
Last Scythian close to center view


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