"In the Forest of the Mind Waits the Lair of the Dire Wolf "

Canus Dirus roamed in the Late Pleistocene age (10- 130 thousand years ago) The greatest concentration of fossil remains have been found in Florida and in excavations from the La Brea Tar Pits in California.

Imagine facing this creature who was intelligent, roamed in packs, and had teeth that were more massive than the wolf of today. How much of our mythology and terror of wolves is imprinted in our genes from those early confrontations.

Today, the dire wolf haunts our imagination and our deepest dreams watching from the shadows of the forest...waiting.

The "Dire Wolf" sculpture was carved out of polystyrene foam. Wine bottles were used for the eyes. It was coated with a layer of paper mache and enameled paint for the 2006 Eco Arts of Lake County Sculpture Walk.

The sculpture has since been moved to the Psi Keep Center for the Arts. During the summer of 2007 it will be transformed with a coating of cement. This will be the last view of "Dire Wolf" as an extreme paper mache work.


Sculpture in full view at the 2006 Eco Arts of Lake County Sculpture Walk.


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