"To dream of Griffins Leaping to the Sun"

image of the sculpture.

This hanging sculpture was created in 1995. It has neither a front nor a back side but is continuously rotating around its axis.

The technique used to create this work was to construct a single steel armature running through each of the separate elements so that the weight of the piece is distributed equally.

The imagery is based on ancient pre-Greek mythology. In these stories Apollo's chariot is drawn by griffins. The griffin is well suited to pull the sun across the sky. Part lion and part eagle the griffin represents "continuous change". In the universe where nothing is ever the same we see this each day as daylight is pulled across the arc of time.

What better way to confront change than with the combined strength of the lion and the wisdom of the eagle.

This work is for sale. The starting price is $4000.

other side


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